Dryland Way Truck Fire
By Hecktown Fire Compnay
March 21, 2019

At 15:53 hours, the Hecktown Fire Company (F53) and Palmer Municipal Fire Department (F27) were dispatched to a truck fire on Dryland Way in the area of Chick-fil-A in Lower Nazareth Township. 2750 arrived shortly after dispatch, confirmed the working fire, and started an evacuation of the adjacent buildings. 5352 (AC Hinkel) arrived and established 53 Command. Rescue/ Engine 2713 was assigned to fire attack and had a hydrant a short distance away. Engine 5311 was assigned to the front of the truck and put the Snozzle in service. Tanker 5331 supplied 5311. Ladder 2721 staged to the Charlie side of the ATT store. Units cleared at 17:15 hours.

Units: 5352, Engine 5311, Rescue/Engine 5312, Tanker 5331
Mutual Aid: 2750, Engine 2712, Rescue/Engine 2713, Ladder 2721

John Marks March 22, 2019 at 12:31 PM
The pumper with the articulating nozzle is a great piece of equipment ensures the safety of these brave volunteers!