Multiple MVAs in 24 Hours
By Hecktown Fire Company
September 24, 2020

Fire 53 handled 3 serious motor vehicle accidents in just over 24 hours. The first occured at 0919 hours on Newburg Road and involved 4 vehicles including dump truck that had rolled onto its side (story below).

The second crash occured at 1643 hours at the intersection of Daniels Road (946) and Nazareth Pike (191). A vehicle left the roadway and struck a house causing significant structural damage and a fire in the home. Fire 53 was assisted by Station 50 (Vigilance Hose Nazareth Borough).

The third accident occured at 0938 on Route 248 at the 33 South interchange. 2 vehicles collided causing injuries to both drivers. Fire 53 was assisted by Station 27 (Palmer Municipal Fire Department) and Fire 50 Fire Police (Vigilance Hose Nazareth Borough) at this incident.

Thank you to our mutual aid departments for their assistance at these calls. EMS 17 (Bethlehem Township) handled all of the patient transports. All of the incidents involved signifcant road closures and required cooridination of multiple agencies to reroute traffic.

Fire 53 also handled an AFA at Panera Bread at 0230 on 9/24/20 between the MVAs.

Units: Rescue 5341, Utility 5342, Command 5344
Mutual Aid: 5041, 5012, 2713, 2712, CRPD