Fire 53 Responds to Multiple Calls
By Hecktown Fire Company
May 1, 2022

Just before 0100 hours on April 30 Fire 53 was alerted for Engine 5311 to respond as part of the second alarm assignment for a high occupancy structure fire at 4011 Wilson Ave. in Bethlehem Township. 5311 (AC Hinkel) made the response and was used as a relay pumper between the dumpsite and multiple apparatus at the fire scene. 5311's crew assisted with multiple tasks. Shortly after 5311's response, Command requested a tanker task force to supply water to the scene. Fire 53 was alerted for 5331 (Chief Seip) which became part of the complex tanker shuttle that was required due to the limited access to the scene caused by height and weight restrictions on the roads in the area. Hecktown units operated for over 7 hours at this incident.

At 1510 hours Fire 53 was dispatched to 3835 Dryland way in Lower Nazareth for a mulch bed fire in the area of the Target. 5342 (Capt. Suhr) responded and extinguished the fire in the mulch bed. While returning to station, Fire 53 was dispatched as part of the brush assignment to assist Fire 15 (Hanover Township Northampton County) who was operating at a brush fire in the area of 4601 Harriet Lane. 5342 (Capt. Suhr), 5343 (Capt. Cortright), and 5345 (Chief Seip) responded and assisted with fire suppression and overhaul.

While operating with Fire 15 Fire 53 was alerted for an odor of gas at the Hampton Inn in Lower Nazareth. Thank you to Palmer Municipal Fire Department for handling this call while Fire 53 was assisting in Hanover Township.